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Camp COMUNE/Prison Run recap – Los Angeles

Taken from the COMUNE Blog & website.

Here is a Recap of their latest fun…..

COMUИE recently hit the road for a Camp COMUИE photo shoot and Prison Run adventure. The journey included 3 days of camping from Orange County to San Luis Obispo, 300+ PBR’s, 2 Russian models, 2 of Gareth’s parents visiting from New Zealand, 100 Hot Dogs, 1 COMUИE skate team multi-meat cook off and skate photo shoot with Cole and Broach, 20 motorcycles minus 1 Gareth bike broken down and on the trailer, 1 Matt Ball birthday and speeding ticket, 1 Frank visiting Josh in the Pen, 1 sling shot and a 1,000 paint balls, 1 Jason Lee Parry photo shoot, 2 “SAME” tattoos and 1 bicycle that Andreas road there on.

Here are a few videos:

Camp COMUNE from Corey Smith on Vimeo.

COMUNE/Prison Run from Corey Smith on Vimeo.


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