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CALL TO ARTIST: Living Walls/ ART AUCTION and CELEBRATION of Badasses June 26th, 2010 @mintgallery in Atlanta Hosted by Dashboard Co-op.

Call For Art !! – Dashboard Show for Living Walls Conference at Mint Gallery June 26th

Dear Creative Types, Art Advocates and Hot Dog Lovers.

The Living Walls Conference is in August as you all know. It has developed from a brain child into a full grown movement. Living Walls has caught the attention of people, publications and collectives across all oceans. Juxtapoz Magazine jumped on board before there was anything in existence but a paragraph about an idea – that might possibly change the face of street art in Atlanta – and planet Earth. Not too far after the French Consulate became involved, offering one of their finest street artists to the grassroots colloquium, however tis still a secret who.

As we all know hot dogs cost money. And if hot dogs cost money – then conferences that change the face of the earth surely do. Living Walls needs your support, emotionally and financially. Multiple fundraisers are being held within the next few months. Donate your work for support of Living Walls, The City Speaks. An art auction will be held on June 26th at Mint Gallery.

This will be good for you in a number of ways. Just by having your art at this auction you add that little line on your resume – that never hurts. The show aligns with a closing of the beltline – temporary art show, which Mint Gallery just so happens to be very close to. Much foot traffic is to be expected. Many of the artists who have already donated are well known and the caliber of the work at the show will be light-years beyond most donated art fundraisers. This will be an art show and a fundraiser! Not just the latter. Take advantage of this.

The Conference will be held at Eyedrum the weekend of August 13th. WE HAVE TWO MONTHS! MAKE IT COUNT! Help your city grow with creative pulses – and for pete’s sake, support your local cooperatives and organizations! In time, these are the movements who will help you as artists become more well known, happier, and less hungry. But you have to help them now.

Thank You and with all our love
Dashboard Co-Op

Send your work to

Courtney Hammond


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