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Slow Mirror and the Metronome in NE Minneapolis on May 14-15 by the Sample Room, on the friggin’ river

First band to be floating begins at 7-730
Next band to begin at 8pm on the roof of the gallery boat
Final band to play on Sample Room stage at 9-930
Music and Sound collage to be played after, in between, and before all acts.
Motion, video, and lighting to slowly change in stages as movements during the
All elements are in Monochrome/grayscale including film, documentation, and materials. With the ONLY color being Fuchsia. (the color of florescent refraction)
All elements are somewhat tentative based on the overall.

Inspiration was drawn mainly from two features of the river: its reflective surface, and the reverberation between the two banks. But instead of elaborating on them figuratively, we decided to draw them out, augment them and try to turn them into solid presences.
The exterior of the boat is a collage of refracted light; a prismatic, crystalline structure with layers upon layers of reflective, transparent, translucent and gray scale geometric forms. Inside the boat are black wall panels blocking out all light. Between these wall panels, recessed behind them, neon fuchsia lights illuminate the room. Above, is something like a ceiling made of water with a pump streaming the mississippi onto a suspended sheet of plexiglass, which is drained into the two holes in the hull near the bow. Each participant is encouraged to wear earplugs as they move from the door at the bow to the one in the stern. The idea is that they are walking into the non-dimensional space of the reflection itself.
Two major parts of the exterior installation are sound and light: at night lights are situated to bring out the complexity of all the different reflective surfaces on the boat, which is evident during the day; and a system of speakers is installed specifically to encourage a threading of reverb in the surrounding area. Both parts change according to the program, either to complement a band or for sequences meant to be a part of the installation itself.
Bands are able to play on top of the boat, and anchored next to it.
The name, the Slow Mirror and the Metronome, describes the concept and adds to its operatic tendency as an event space.


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