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PBR Art Ball in Kansas City at the Slap n’ Tickle Gallery!


Memories of art school.. drinking pbr and chain smoking, while trying to find the best way to attach chicken wire wings to a stuffed pony, how to describe the angst of youth in paint or pencil, pondering the usefulness of art history, suffering through critiques with a mean hangover, skipping class to play pool at the Rockhill Bar… we might not have had enough money for toilet paper, let alone rent, but we always had enough for PBR! This show is a tribute to our good friend and true love, who faithfully stands by us in good times and bad, our muse who inspires our creativity, to take the leap when we fear failure, to boldly contact that ex-lover at midnight for a booty-call ..ever gently whispering our ear that we are fabulous dancers, amazing lovers, creative geniuses, and could solve all the worlds problems if only we were asked…
Come celebrate True Blue love with us this upcoming First Friday: check out the fabulous art and fashion, have a few cold ones, get some cool PBR stuff, and dance to a couple of the funkiest bluegrass bands around!

Live Music Starts at 8:30pm
21 & over only after 8pm, please bring your ID
Feel free to dress up in PBR costume & participate in the Fashion show at 7:00 pm, judging complete by 8pm

Live Music by the Kansas City Bear Fighters & Free State Revival!!!

Rockin’ PBR gear will be awarded for best in show for 2-D, 3-D, and fashion categories, and a cash prize for overall best of show, judged by Art-Mamma Jody Wilkins, formerly of the Pi Gallery, and Jessica Corbett, KC’s most bad-ass PBR Rep!

Participating artists include: Allan Winkler, Lori Raye Erickson, Sarah Thompson Lift, Chrystal Wentling, Heather McAnerney, Rita Brinkerhoff, Casey Price, Charles Eisenmann, Betsy Barratt, Doug Schweitert, Gryphon Van der Hole, Apryl McAnerney, Agri Aytar, Peter Warren, Fashion by Take a Halliday & T-Shirts by 13 Cherries, face painting by Jessica Bloom.. among many others!


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