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Monthly Archives: January 2010


by Bean- pics and video by OSK, check it.

ASR & PBR in San Diego….

This week for two days the ASR Show will be invading Petco Park. Pabst Blue Ribbon is one of the MANY sponsors of this rad event. See you all there…….

The Art History of Games!

Games, a creative form “older than culture,” according to Johan Huizinga, have served humanity in such diverse ways as entertainment, education, exercise, conflict resolution, ritual and self-expression. But not until the 20th century did games and the play experiences they provide start to be perceived as an art form as well. With nods to the […]


This Basquiat documentary looks solid and has been getting good reviews from Sundance this past week (looks like some Beasties lend a hand on the audio too).   The new film from frequent Animal Collective collaborator Danny Perez “ODDSAC” also screened in Park City.   The film or ‘visial record’ definitely looks to be in […]

PBR ATL Presents: Greg Mike @ KAI LIN ART 1.29.10

GET limited PABST/BIG MOUTH coozies ONLY at the event.

PBR x Boston: Masculin Feminin @ Savant Project Friday Night !

Thanks to all that came out to the Savant PJ on Tuesday for “EYE F*CK”.. we’re celebrating the amazing Pabst artwork (still up on the walls) with another shindig this Friday. Volvox + John Barera will lace the audio, Susie G is pulling MC duties, and Click/Clash will be on the pix.  PBR rep will […]